DesignHow To Choose The Right Bulbs For Your Space

How To Choose The Right Bulbs For Your Space

Buying a bulb that suits your home is more technical than it sounds. You can’t just pick up a watt bulb and expect that it will match the other bulbs in your house.

There are several things to consider before purchasing a bulb. In this article, we’ll consider everything you need to know before choosing a bulb for your home.

Things to consider before you choose a bulb for your home


Determine how much light you need

Checking wattage is no longer the best way to determine which bulb will be a direct replacement for the bulb that just burned out.

Instead of watts, look for the number of lumens – the measure of how much light a bulb produces rather than how much energy it uses.

You’ll usually also see a watt equivalent, but to be sure, look for the lumens.

Choose the right colour of white for your light bulb

Smart LED lights can change their colour across the spectrum of white light (and some can produce a wide range of colors as well).

These may be of interest as different colour variants may work better for specific tasks—for example, you might want a bright blue-tinged white light in the morning or for better contrast while reading but enjoy a warmer light, at bedtime.

Find out if you’ll use the bulb in an enclosed fixture or recessed can

Light bulbs that are used in enclosed fixtures and recessed fixtures heat up more than if they’re used in open fixtures.

What is an enclosed fixture?

An enclosed fixture is any fixture or application where the light bulb is encased in a way that does not allow for proper airflow or ventilation.


While a recessed light or downlight is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling

These LED bulbs are usually sensitive to heat, and won’t last as long as they’re used in these types of fixtures.


Types of bulbs you can choose for your home


Incandescent light bulbs are the most traditional bulbs on the market today. They are not so expensive, and they are still the bulbs that are most commonly used in homes. 


Incandescent bulbs are also well suited to be used as string lights hung outdoors, either as everyday accents or for special occasions.

It can also be used in chandeliers.

Halogen bulbs

Halogen bulbs have a tone that some feel mimics natural daylight.


Halogen bulbs usually work best when paired with warmer-coloured shades or placed in pendant lights.


Fluorescent light bulbs typically produce a flat light with a blue tint, though some modern high-end bulbs provide a warmer tone that mimics daylight.


A fluorescent bulb is a great choice for a large room that needs straightforward illumination.

It can be used in places like a basement or attic space.

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