Fashion Retail Store Concept

Design the look and feel of a flagship retail store targeting upwardly mobile young people

FPDS Concept

We were excited about designing this concept store for a Nigerian fashion brand. Having researched the intended audience, we came up with a mood board that would allow the store to reflect the parent brand’s luxury while appealing to its main audience without shutting out older shoppers.

Since the designer’s creations are often colourful and playful, we chose a white palette for the store background so that outfits remain the stars of the show in the store. We designed an easy-to-walk through layout that leads shoppers through sections seamlessly, with upscale, pastel-coloured furniture that allows them to relax and take their time to shop.


A store that makes navigation easy, with ample space for shoppers to interact with products without feeling rushed or cramped. We optimised for a relaxing shopping experience, while maintaining the existing glass façade of the store front in a move that was cost-effective and functional.

Besides seating furniture for shoppers, we designed shelves and racks that offer variety while adding visual depth to the space. By combining a luxurious look with pragmatic business sense, we delivered a concept that would make for an interesting, relaxing, and non-stressful shopping experience.

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