Banana Island Terrace House

Interior architecture and design for a modern, warm home

FPDS Concept

We developed interior design to complement the exterior beauty of this empty new build located in the quiet and luxurious Banana Island district of Lagos, Nigeria. Our client wanted a unique, simple, and classy home, so we made furniture selections and developed a colour scheme based on rich earth tones—a nod to our client’s career sector.

Fittings including wardrobes, cabinets, and electrical points had been installed before we were contracted, but we reviewed their positions to optimise for daily use. This required additional structural work. After the client approved our mood board and floor plan, we began FF&E procurement while managing on-site wet works in conjunction with the client’s architect. Despite the border closures at the time, we went to great lengths to source and produce furniture that fit the Fiona Phillips Design Studio standard and aesthetic.


We delivered an inviting yet personal home that was true to our client’s personality and passion. A home that meets his varied needs—a space for living yet hosting business contacts occasionally; a place that fosters familial love and closeness but with room for individual retreat and reflection.

Our main colours were shades of brown and burnt orange, with pops of green and gold highlights. In this four-level home, each room is unique, yet there is a symmetry across floors. From cozy nooks to play spaces, a snooker corner, bar, and a rooftop lounge, we created a family space that can take the wear and tear of fun, living and loving while remaining beautiful.

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