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At Fiona Phillips Design Studio (FPDS), we work closely with our clients to create Afro-modern spaces that express their personalities, aspirations, and passions. We believe that, besides stunning aesthetics, spaces should enhance occupants’ quality of life and foster transformative experiences. That’s why we design interiors that are elegant yet expressive, functional yet warm, modern yet minimalist.


FPDS was founded in 2016 by Ogonna Okafor, who studied Interior Design at Parsons School of Design, New York. She leads the studio by leveraging her creativity, talent, and the vast experience she gained working with foremost interior designers on projects across the United States of America and Dubai.

Our Heart

We are on a mission

to design and build spaces that foster connection, empower people, and transform lives. We enable wholesome and sustainable living in aesthetically pleasing interiors.

We have a vision

to become Africa’s leading experiential design studio. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Fiona Phillips Design Studio will transform lives across the African continent one unique and exquisite space at a time.

We are driven

by core values of creativity and innovation that birth high-quality interior solutions. We prioritize clients’ needs through a research- and collaboration-based approach and ideals of commitment and trust.

Our Team

We all love designing interiors! FPDS team members are imaginative and strategic thinkers who combine their diverse expertise to deliver world-class spaces.

Ogonna Okafor

Founder/Principal Designer

John Princewill

Junior Architect

Ikenna Anazodo

Project Site Supervisor

Ikechukwu Odagwe

Digital Media Personnel

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