Design10 Decorating Secrets You should Know

10 Decorating Secrets You should Know

You can make your home look as beautiful as possible. The key to doing that is to pay attention to some subtle nuances of decorating.

You don’t have to be an interior decorator to live in a beautiful home. And also, if you can’t afford an interior decorator, you can design your home by paying attention to some things.

In this blog post, we’ve outlined 10 decorating secrets you should know.

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Let’s dive in!

10 decorating secrets you should know

1. Use plants to fill up spaces

Indoor plants always add depth and character to any room.

Plants can add much-needed colour to some rooms or bring a touch of freshness into an industrial-style space.

You can place plants in earthen pots, cups, mason jars or terrariums, depending on the look you want to create.

2. Use display items that you love.

To create a truly unique look, use display items that you truly love.

Any room will feel incomplete without elements that speak to you — photographs, favourite souvenirs, etc.

These will make the room look interesting and give you a space that is an extension of yourself.

3. Hang small paintings

Instead of having large paintings, opt for a collection of smaller paintings, which can be arranged in clusters.

Hang them above a sofa, hang them on either side instead of placing them in the centre.

You’ll be surprised by this simple interior decor trick and how well this works visually.

4. Space out

Empty spaces give life to a room. Avoid overcrowding your elements.

Space out your furniture arrangement to give each piece enough breathing room.

Space out!

5. Mix patterns

Play around with the use of patterns on the pillows, on your sofa or bed before moving to more involved surfaces such as wallpaper and drapery.

You’ll be surprised how beautiful they’ll all turn out.

6. Invest in high-quality fabrics

High-quality fabrics will create a high-quality finish – but more than just offering the luxe look, they’re likely to be more hardwearing than less expensive textiles.

So, invest in high-quality fabrics.

7. Make windows that allow a lot of light in

Light-filled rooms are so much more refreshing to spend time in than dark ones, but well-dressed windows do look better than those that are neglected.

8. Hide a lot of utilities

You don’t want your home to look congested with a lot of things.

Have a wall of built-in cupboards, cabinets, etc.

Make sure things that should be hidden stay hidden.

9. Use bold colours

Bold colour choices can really elevate a scheme, especially in a small guest room.

Focus it on one area – a headboard or a bedcover

10. Make use of art

At the planning stage, put artwork into your design scheme – it may even be that a piece of art can inspire a room’s new look.

We hope these tips are helpful to you.

Breathe life into your home today.

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